Lauri Honkavirta Kuva: Heidi Jakkula

Lauri Honkavirta

As a performing musician, Lauri Honkavirta is a philosopher who seeks inspiration by delving into the roots of his art and asking its opinion. The primary importance of music lies, he believes, in its ability to influence, to be good for the soul. This is best achieved by letting oneself be carried along by the music and by making one’s playful imagination open to its influence. A live concert is, in his opinion, best able to generate inspiring dialogue, the chiasma of mind and music. It is also a unique key to communication between performer and audience. In planning his recitals, Lauri aims to emphasise elements of communication in the experience of both performer and listener; to challenge both to reach beyond what is familiar and clear; to expand the scope of their experience and enrich the imagination.

Lauri has so far best furthered his intentions in his harpsichord degree and debut concerts, in collaboration with actor Miika Laakso. The idea here was to feed their listeners’ interpretative imagination by means of drama, challenging them to arrive at exceptionally vibrant impressions and profound dimensions of the essence of music. To this end, he assigns his audience a major role, precisely as a second interpreter of the music, and stresses the listeners’ involvement in the experience. Equally important is dispelling the distance between performer and listeners: the magic of presence and community is both exhilarating and addictive. The audience is thus genuinely part of the concert events, but the performer may also experience the music via the audience, emoting and being touched.

Having studied for a decade (the Estonian Academy of Music and the Sibelius Academy), Lauri Honkavirta is now enjoying a pleasant spot of family life in Lohja. He makes a living mainly teaching the piano and harpsichord and preparing repertoire with singers, but he still has an active concert career both as a soloist and, especially, as a partner to singers.

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