Stimmwerck © Marja Davidoff


Stimmwerck was founded in Munich in 2001. Sought-after specialists in ensemble singing – the tenors Gerhardt Hölzle and Klaus Wenk, the bass baritone Marcus Schmidl, and the countertenor Franz Vitzthum – joined together to found the ensemble.

The name Stimmwerck derives from the teaching manual Syntagma Musicum by Michael Praetorius and designates the group formed by the same instruments as well as what we today refer to as a chord.

Stimmwerck has a special fondness to the Reneissance, an epoque distinguished by a practically inexhaustible wealth of vocal music. The quartet’s intensive exchange with the musicological disciplines and active investigative work in archives quite naturally form the basis of its artistic work.

Numerous first recordings by composers and codex portraits are found in the ensemble’s multifaceted discography, which has met with acclaim in the press.

Stimmwerck presents concerts in Germany and foreign countries and has performed as guest at renowned festivals such as the Laus Polyphoniae Festival in Antwerp, Music Days of Lower Saxony, Leipzig Bach Festival, Resonanzen Wien, and Güldener Herbst Thüringen (2010).

Since 2005 the ensemble has organized the Stimmwerkctage on the Aldersberg near Regensburg. Here the vocal works of a selected Reneissance composer or a codex occupies the focus. Since 2011 the three concerts have been complemented by a “Stimmwerkcstatt” offering audience members the opportunity to familierize themselves with practice and theory in the world of vocal Reneissance polyphony.

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