Anneliina Koskinen ©Toivo Koskinen

Anneliina Koskinen

Master of Music, soprano Anneliina Koskinen is the person behind Magistra, Turku Early Music Master Center. She graduated from the Sibelius Academy, Helsinki, Finland in 1993.

The emphasis in Koskinen’s career is on early music (eg. Medieval, Renaissance and Baroque), and she has performed concerts throughout Europe and taught in several music institutes in Finland.

Besides singing, Koskinen plays several medieval instruments such as recorders, kawla, symphonie, psaltery, bowed psaltery, bells, kantele, medieval harp, tenor rebec and loriman pipe.

“Anneliina Koskinen is an incredibly versatile musician, playing, as she does, all the instruments featured here – which include the Celtic harp, symphonia and 5-stringed kantele as well as the instruments mentioned above. Her voice is both sweet and gentle of tone, yet strong and compelling at the same time, and she manages the more challenging works such as On This Holy Day from a 1697 Swedish Choral book impressively. She makes an extremely convincing case for these, many of them very rare, pieces.”

– Em Marshall about Koskinen’s recording De Angelis (2008)

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