BRQ Vantaa Fringe 2017

We will publish the Fringe programme during spring 2017.



What Fringe?

What is it about? Where does the name come from? What to expect from this new programme? Follow the guide…

Fringe events are dedicated to the discovery of young artists; it is often difficult for emerging artists to get a first line place in a festival, and that’s how the Fringe concept was born.

The history of Fringe festivals began in Edinburgh, more than 50 years ago! During the yearly performing arts festival, unofficial artists started performing in random places, on the fringe of the official event. Still today, the Edinburg International Festival and the Edinburg Fringe are held at the same time and are cooperate to open their gates to the greatest number of performers. 

Back to Early Music…If you are an enthusiast of Early Music festivals, you must have heard about Utrecht (Netherlands) Early Music Festival, right? Maybe you have already visited the festival? If so, have you ever noticed that next to its main programme, the festival is also organizing Fringe concerts? 

In the US, Boston is the place to go if you wish to experiment an American Early Music Fringe Festival. Every year in June, the city organizes its own Early Music Festival and Fringe concerts.

Back to Vantaa… Welcome to our second Fringe series! The concerts are free of charge, and we hope that you will enjoy your journey into the future of Early Music!